The PARQ achieves LEED Gold!

The PARQ is a mixed-use office building located in the center of Bangkok and has a total gross floor area of approximately 134,000 m2 on 16 floors. The project strives for the highest sustainability goals and achieved a Gold certification according to LEED V4 (C&S). Green building consultant was our partner company Africvs Co., Ltd.

EGS-plan has contributed to the project with our commissioning services including fundamental and monitoring based commissioning. While fundamental commissioning covers a basic quality control during design and construction of a building, monitoring based commissioning is a rather new methodology to use the building management system or any other data logging technology to supervise the startup of a new construction project. This is giving the opportunity to not only do the usual spot measurement during fundamental commissioning, but to conduct a continues supervision of the energy performance of a building over a longer period of time.

The result is a building which provides an outstanding environmental performance and a healthy and productive work environment for the building occupants.