Thailand’s Building Energy Code now also applies to smaller buildings!

Thailand’s Building Energy Code (BEC) was introduced in March 2021 and only applied for new buildings with a gross floor area greater than 10,000 sqm. This threshold was now lowered to 5,000 sqm. to include more buildings and will be even more tightened in March 2023 (2,000 sqm.).

The BEC must be applied on the following building types:

Group 1:       Office, Education
Group 2:       Theatre, Convention Hall, Entertainment, Department Store
Group 3:       Hotel, Hospital, Condominium

The BEC sets minimum requirements regarding the thermal performance of the building façade (OTTV), roof (RTTV), lighting (LPD), air conditioning (AC) and renewable energies (RE). To allow more flexibility regarding the building design it is also possible to follow a whole building approach where the weakness of one system can be compensated by the strength of another system.

EGS-plan (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. has many years of experience with BEC calculations since staff members have been involved in the update of the BEC and already conducted BEC calculations for several projects.