Thailand’s Building Energy Code (BEC) enters into force as from 13th March 2021!

The development of the Thai Building Energy Code (BEC) goes back to the early 90s but has been delayed due to political blockades. Finally, in March 2021 an updated version will be enforced and applies to new buildings with a gross floor area of more than 10,000 sqm. This requirement will be tightened in future by reducing the floor area to 5,000 sqm in 2021 and 2,000 sqm in 2023 onward and hence increasing the number of concerned buildings.

As a new service EGS-plan (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. is offering to conduct BEC calculations for new construction projects. EGS-plan has officially certified BEC auditors who can consult design teams to fulfil or overfulfil BEC requirements with cost-efficient technologies and design strategies.

The BEC sets minimum requirements regarding the thermal performance of the building façade (OTTV), roof (RTTV), lighting (LPD), air conditioning (AC) and renewable energies (RE). To allow more flexibility in regard to the building design it is also possible to follow a whole building approach where the weakness of one system can be compensated by the strength of another system.