Heartfelt congratulations are extended to Park Silom Office Tower for achieving the esteemed LEED Version 4 BD+C Core & Shell Gold certification in 2023. The project’s commendable efforts have also been recognized with four prestigious awards, including “Award Winner Best Office Development Asia Pacific,” “5 Star Best Office Development Thailand,” and “Award Winner Mixed Use Development Thailand” from the International Property Awards stage in the United Kingdom, underscoring its exceptional achievements in real estate and architectural design.

Developed by NYE and RGP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED, Park Silom Office Tower stands as a remarkable testament to architectural ingenuity, boasting a substantial gross floor area of 79,575 sq.m. across 39 stories.
EGS-plan supported the green building certification process our engineering services for fundamental, enhanced and monitoring based commissioning. Certification consultant of the project was our partner company Africvs Co., Ltd.
Building commissioning is a quality management process, which verifies, that the technical systems and the building envelope of a new building are meeting the owner’s project requirements. Commissioning procedures were managed and oversees by EGS-plan and began during the pre-design or planning phase of the project, continued through the design and construction phases, initial occupancy phase, training of operations and maintenance (O&M) staff, and into occupancy (for warranty and future re-commissioning).
The result is a building which works as intended with a low energy consumption, great thermal comfort, and low maintenance costs.