SamYan Mitrtown receives LEED Gold!
Congratulations to our partner company, Africus Co. Ltd. for the LEED Gold certification of SamYan Mitrtown! The 35-story mixed-use building is located in the Pathum Wan district in Bangkok and has a total area of 100,028 sqm. EGS-plan has supported the project with enhanced commissioning services. Building commissioning is a quality management process, which verifies, that the technical systems o... » read more
From 18th to 20th of January EGS-plan supported DGNB with a DGNB consultant training in Shenzhen, China. Important topics such as Life-Cycle-Assessment
The Goal: Beyond Green! Our building and neighborhood concepts are more than green: we are not only considering the impact of our buildings on the environment, but also take account for economics and socio-cultural aspects: optimized life cycle costs, well being of the inhabitants and aesthetic solutions. The Method: Integrated Design! On the bases of our integrated design approach we closely work... » read more
WHA Industrial Development PLC, EGS-plan (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. and DGNB GmbH sign MoU on a research project about sustainable industrial estates in Thailand!
The goal of the project is to adapt and apply the DGNB system for sustainable industrial estates on the example of WHA’s Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 1 (ESIE 1). The system was developed by DGNB (Sustainable Building Council Germany) and it provides sustainable certification profiles for buildings, districts and cities. EGS-plan as one of the leading DGNB consultants in Southeast Asia has al... » read more
EGS-plan Bangkok team closes ranks despite social distancing!
After three months of work-from-home policy, EGS-plan has returned to the office to work in shifts since the beginning of June 2020. During the three months of self-quarantine, communication within the company has even improved due to daily telephone and video conferences, state of the art collaboration software and a great team spirit. Therefore it was decided to keep the daily group briefings to... » read more