EGS-plan consults design and construction of a Bosch Factory project in Malaysia

Bosch erects a new 13,500 m2 green field project in Penang, Malaysia. The building is a facility in clean room quality for testing of electronic components. Bosch is dedicated to improving the sustainability of the company not only through their products but also through environmentally friendly production facilities. Therefore, Bosch has contracted EGS-plan to support the design of a sustainability concept for the building and supervise the implementation from concept to commissioning.

The concept considers environmental, economic, and human factors and tries to balance them in the best possible way. This was achieved by implementing passive design features such as increased thermal insulation, external shading, double glazing, and natural ventilation where possible. The technical services such as air-handling units, pumps and chiller are of the highest energy efficiency currently available. Furthermore, a significant part of the energy demand is covered by a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building.

The building materials have a low toxicity and are easy to dismantle and recycle in future. EGS-plan conducts a full Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) to support design decisions. The interior design of the office part of the building considers biophilic design elements and encourages communication and creativity in the workspaces. Thermal comfort and human well-being will be maintained by a dedicated fresh air ventilation system and passive chilled ceilings. A biotope at the northern border of the land plot increases biodiversity at the location.
The building strives for Sustainable Building Certification according to the German DGNB system. The building will be commissioned end of 2022.

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