66 Tower receives LEED Gold certification!

The 66 Tower is an office building with convention and retail areas which has 28 stories with a gross floor area of 58,755 sqm. EGS-plan’s partner company Africus Co., Ltd. was the LEED consultant in the project and achieved a LEED Gold certification for the building.
EGS-plan has contributed to the project with our commissioning services including fundamental and enhanced commissioning. While fundamental commissioning covers a basic quality control during the design and construction of a building, enhanced commissioning goes beyond and includes a design review, a review of contractor submittals, development of systems manuals, training reviews, and a 10-month review of the building operation.
The result is a building which performs regarding energy efficiency as well as thermal, acoustic, and visual comfort as defined by LEED. This leads to an outstanding environmental performance and provides a healthy and productive work environment for the building occupants.